Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Late Night Stampers Events for Convention 2012

Yes, that does say “2012”. You can never prepare too early for some things and Stampin’ Up! Convention is no exception! Here is the link to register and a listing of event details.

http://2012latenigh tstamperevents. eventbrite. com
LNS pre-Convention event Bundle for 2012
2 wow events (monday and saturday night)
monday stamp camp 8 great projects
3 shoe box swaps
1 reunion party 2 projects, games and snacks
midnight madness (for crazy people who like to stamp the night away!)
and the LNS 75+1 Card front Swap with Pizza

$185 if you register before July 2011 a savings of $50
$190 if you register before October 2011 a savings of $45
$200 if you register before January 2012 a savings of $35
$220 after Jan 1, 2012 a savings of $15
Bundles make our book keeping easier and that is why you save so much more! Thanks for making it more fun for us.
Single events will not be sold until after April 1, 2012

When you purchase this event for 2012 your name will be added to the guest list at the Radisson for 2012.
YOU MUST still call them to place your LNS room reservation. (801) 531-7500
One Discounted Room reservation per participant PLEASE.
The room rate for 2012 is $120 per night which will save you $145 if you stay with us for 5 nights.
you will also continue to receive a FREE box breakfast each morning
(muffin, fruit and yogurt.)

Not a member of Late Night Stampers? That’s OK, just click here to join.

I look forward to seeing you there!


Latenightstamper said...

Thank you for entering our FREE STAMPS drawing by posting our event on your blog.
See you at convention this July! Sherrill Graff late night stamper